Johnson Drinking Water Fountain

Stamford Mercury - Friday 26 June 1874

Street Improvements.—The new pavement in Bridge Street is now nearly completed, and is without exception the best piece of work ever seen in Spalding. The antiquated idea of making the road high in the centre so as to give a good fall for the water has been abandoned, and the slope made only just sufficient to drain, so that one part of the road will be as easy to travel over as another: ruts will not so easily made, and greater comfort and greater safety for both passengers and horses will be ensured, as well as the appearance of the street much improved. Another addition to the appearance of the public thoroughfares will be the erection a drinking fountain in Hall-place, through the liberality of Miss Johnson, Fairfax House. The old pump is removed, and a handsome fountain will be erected on its site, which will offer gratuitously to all passers-by the purest and best of all fluids for quenching thirst - water.

Stamford Mercury - Friday 24 July 1874

The new drinking fountain in Hall-place. Spalding, is now nearly completed, and is most unquestionably an ornament to the town.

Stamford Mercury - Friday 25 September 1874

The handsome stone drinking fountain, erected in Hall Place, was some weeks past apparently completed, yet no water flowed from it, and people were curious to know the cause of the delay in  bringing it into practical use, usefulness was undoubtedly a greater consideration with the benevolent lady, at whose cost it was erected, than ornament. Last week it was brought into operation, much to the amusement pf the juvenile population, who in their usual exuberance of spirits on seeing something new must have a game, throw the water about, break two of the cups, and perform other little antics very naughty but very natural with school boys. The fountain has cost £300. Three other fountains will shortly be erected —one on the London Road, one on the Holbeach Road, and one on the Hawthorn Bank. These will doubtless be of a less expensive character than the one in Hail Place.


The Cost of Water.—lt is sometimes argued that water could not be bought for less money than beer the public would soon look good water a luxury and prefer it to beer, which the temperance men declare is only water adulterated with all sorts villainous compounds, from nicotine (a rank poison) to give it strength, to quassia chips to make it bitter. Be this as it may, there can no disputing that a glass of good water is a luxury, and that a plentiful supply of pure water is a blessing to the community. That Spalding is supplied with the celebrated Bourn water, the purest water in England, is therefore a subject of congratulation to the inhabitants, and the shareholders of the company may fairly console themselves by the reflection that if they are not getting any profit they are doing some good. To an ordinary mind, unacquainted with the scientific wonders of the age, and with the economy of legal authority in this free country, the laying down a pipe to convey water for 12 miles along flat country would be attended with a very moderate outlay beyond the cost of the pipe itself. The figures contained in the report of the Spalding Waterworks Company will probably enlighten such ordinary minds to some extent. First, as the legal authority, It appears that the Act Parliament cost no less than £668. 18s.3d., and that the total amount expended on the works to the present time as capital is over £15,000.

Lincolnshire Chronicle - Friday 25 September 1874

The drinking fountain erected in Hall Place is now completed, passers by can obtain a refreshing draught of Bourn water, which is considered to the purest in the locality. The fountain is supplied by the Spalding Waterworks Company.

Stamford Mercury - Friday 17 September 1875

Accident. — On Saturday last a waggon and two horses, the property of Mr. David Smith, which were passing through the Market Place Spalding, were frightened by a boy snapping a whip. They became unmanageable and bolted in the direction of Hall Place, getting into collision with the new fountain erected about twelve months since by Miss Johnson, of Fairfax House. Happily, they had not ran far enough to have attained very great speed, or the fountain must have received material damage; It escaped with few chips and scratches.

Stamford Mercury - Friday 22 July 1881

The Fountain. A few years since a handsome drinking fountain was erected in Hall Place by the late Miss Johnson cost of about £300. For many months past it has been useless, owing to the water pipes being out of order. At the last meeting of the Improvement Board one of the Commissioners directed the attention of the Board to this fact; and we are glad to state that the fountain is now in order, and affords a cool and refreshing draught to all who seek it.

Lincolnshire Free Press - Tuesday 19 July 1881

The Fountain. —Thanks to the recent action of Mr. S Kingston, the fountain on the Market Place, so long worse than useless, has, during the past few days, been made available for the purpose designed by liberal donor. We need scarcely remark that the advantage to the public this hot weather is abundantly apparent.

Lincolnshire Chronicle - Friday 22 July 1881

Drinking Fountain.—The fountain in Hall Place has been for some time past out of order, the water being cut off in consequence of improper treatment of the drinking cups, &c, by some mischievous persons, which during the present tropical weather was most unfortunate, as many poor thirsty wayfarers have proved to their disappointment. It has, however, during the past week been attended to by the Commissioners' men, and is now available for the purpose originally intended, a boon to the public which this exceptional weather renders most acceptable, and it is to be hoped that no such cause will be given again for the water to be withheld.

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