The Bakers Statue

Like everything else, Covid has put the brakes on getting The Bakers statue installed. That and the choice of our first and second sites turning out to be unacceptable, even before an application. It was a small detail in Ian Marshman’s otherwise much fuller submission to the Town Centre Regeneration Steering Group that sparked a realisation of the possibilities of what is now our preferred site. Ian was the guest speaker at our AGM two years ago, and a little mock-up picture in his submission suggested how The Bakers plus four or five trees could transform a bleak featureless area of the town centre into an attractive ‘place’ with character, a destination rather than just somewhere one passed through to get somewhere else. And the space in question? The empty ‘square’ between the rear of the Pied Calf and the zebra crossing to Holland Market.

Could the flower seller from alongside Argos also move up there, to be joined by the stall that regularly sells strawberries in the summer months? The coffee shop on the corner already puts tables out. 

Conceptual image

“Swan Place”? It’s the sort of physical enhancement, generating community use, that the regeneration of our town centre surely needs. In order to avoid fixing on a position for the statue that would turn out to be on top of water or sewer pipes, we asked Anglian Water for a map of their pipe-work underneath the block paving, but were refused, “for copyright reasons”, and referred elsewhere.


Why is nothing ever simple?

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