It gets worse

Over the summer of 2016, things got worse with vinyl spreading throughout the town with no enforcement action being taken.

Winsover Road

In addition to the usual blanking out, the garish spread here has been carried up onto the gable end and the first floor windows. Both contrary to SHDC policies and practice. Enforcement, please.

Station Street

For all its visual assault on the Conservation Area, it’s difficult to know what goods or services are being offered. So much for the supposed effectiveness of in-your-face advertising.

London Road

The Conservation Area again. Shiny blankness, completely at odds with the character of the riverside

And Worse

Aldi’s application to expand along Winsover Road. The plan shows a thoughtful re-allocation of parking for disabled people and parents with children, and keeps the important pedestrian access from Winsover Road (unlike the deplorable B&M across the road). But it beggars belief that the store thinks it will be “respecting and enhancing the environmental context” by obliterating its quality brickwork with white render or replacing it with aluminium board covered in jumbo apples and tomatoes. It begins to feel like an SF horror film, with the town invaded by gigantic fruit and sausages. You wouldn’t think the Aldi directors would have wanted to appear to be lining themselves up with the kind of mini-markets the police raid for contraband cigarettes and spirits. They should look at Wilko’s to see how stores can make attractive use of windows without losing floor space. (We have objected to the gross vinyls and loss of quality brickwork.)


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